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Kuixing Pavilion

Kuixing is one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions. According to Xiao Jing Yuan Shen Qi, a theological and superstitious book of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Kuixing dominated academic fate. So the later generations regarded it as god and built Kuixing Pavilion as well as a sculpture to worship it. It is said that Kuixing looked fierce, his body was golden and his face was green. His red hair covered his eyes and he had two horns on the head. He stood on the head of a big cod fish, meaning taking the first place. Whenever there was an examination, Kuixing would hold a big writing brush in his right hand and a pipe in the left hand and walk around. The names of the examinees were in the pipe, whoever got the luck and was chosen by Kuixing could pass the examination and took the first place. 

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