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Hongtong tea plant

Hongtong local tea production, but only in Hongdong, Linfen generation before the tea is divided into big leaf tea, leaflet tea.
Tea everyone certainly will not be unfamiliar with China's specialty, classification is also a lot of black tea, green tea, tea, oolong tea, but Hongdong tea is unique. Hongtong does not produce tea, but almost every household drinks tea. The method of Hongtong's tea classification is more unique. Only the big leaf tea and the leaf tea are two kinds. Big leaf tea refers to the picking of the old leaves of tea trees, micro-fermentation, after roasting, a little yellowish taste of the tea series, Hongdong people collectively known as the big leaf tea. The rest, green tea, white tea, tea, oolong tea, Hongdong people will be called the leaf tea. Hongdong people love to drink big leaf tea, drink big leaf tea in Hongdong people, it is a way to send, it is an etiquette. Hongtong people rarely use leaflet tea hospitality. Small leaf tea is used to defeat the fire drinks, in their view, with small leaf tea hospitality, it is stingy, too unprincipled.
Big leaf tea must be boiling water brewing, first carefully wash the tea set, and then boiled tea, so you can keep the temperature of tea, and then a handful of big leaf tea into the teapot, plus On the boiling water, and some also added the first time the water decanted to flush out the impurities in tea, and then formally add water, tea. A pot of big leaf tea, you can continue to pour, and constantly add water, the temperature of the tea is always hot, tea bitter after the first alcohol, a few friends, drinking and talking, continuous tea, talk, this is the atmosphere of drinking big leaf tea . It seems big leaf tea is not a person can drink out of flavor, from here you can see Hongdong people upright, hospitable personality.
In fact, the area of ​​drinking big leaf tea is not large, Linfen only a few counties in Anshun County Hongdong drink, and the other near a narrow area of ​​Beijing drink. Drink big leaf tea first because of its function has Hongdong big leaf tea culture. The first is the large leaf tea, high fluoride, fluorine can be strong bones to protect the enamel on the surface of the teeth, not dental caries (insects eat teeth), Anze, ancient county and other places with low fluoride content of water, caries more people. Another related to eating habits, Hongdong people love to eat meat, lamb soup, dry noodles, big leaf tea solution greasy help digestion.
Hongdong people drink big leaf tea habits are said to have started from the Ming Dynasty, some people say that Qianlong started.
Big leaf tea is not the same as those of the literati, tea, tea, tea and many other cumbersome processes, but it also has its own unique characteristics. Often two pots, one large pot, used to boil water, a small pot, placed near half a pot of large leaf tea, boiled water and then added to the small pot, slightly boring for a while, then take the pot poured into the guests cup , But only one-third down until the second time and then pour one-third of the water, the third time only filled with water.
Every time the guests put down the cup, the host family always want to serve the teapot for guests one by one, no matter how many guests drank. If negligence, it is the host family do not understand hospitality, although everyone do not mind, but always bad. If you drink enough, do not want to drink, they served a cup to drink in the end, and the cup of tea residue left over, the cup backwards or out of tea circle, then the host will know You do not want to drink anymore. However, it will persuade once again, asking you to drink again.
If the winter, the cold weather, family members often sit around the stove, then there is no heating and air conditioning, heating is the stove. Kettle on the stove on the iron stove, or near the mouth of the furnace, the public side of the heating, while drinking tea, tea should be hot rolling, steaming, winter do not drink taste. Just so that the decolouris tea faster, the owner continued to change the frequency of tea for faster.
To be added to this pot Tim three or four by the water, the tea will be light and tasteless, or even can not call it tea, they have to replace the tea, to continue to Tim, but the family will not wait until the light can not change the light tea .
The taste of tea than those of Longjing fragrant, tranquil elegance, but also do not have some flavor, whether it is smelling or eating always feel strong and mellow, quite Jin Dynasty. This is probably one of the reasons why this leafy tea can be circulated in my hometown. When eating tea, inevitably there will be tea flowing out of Hukou, into the guests cup, the guests are also mixed do not care, as if this flow into the cup of tea, the more the tea will be more delicious, just blow-dry child blowing tea To the end of the cup, at the same time the tea is cool. Brown amber, crystal gratifying, if you like to punch more concentrated, then with the first serving of the soup medicine in general.
The first time drinking tea will feel some astringency, there is a faint trace of the taste of decoction, but not bitter, to be re-drink will find the taste of which special. In fact, the big leaf tea is also the effect of this area. Large leaves of tea with high fluoride, fluorine can be strong bones, tooth enamel to protect the surface, not dental caries (insect eating teeth), another one, the big leaf tea solution greasy, help digestion.
No matter what kind of tea, have his culture. Hongdong lush tea, but also should have a long history of things left, even the hand you say right?
Said so much, should drink a pot.
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