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Scenic introduction

Scenic introduction

Hongdong Big Pagoda Tree Ancestor Worship Garden is a national AAAAA level tourist attraction, a heritage and protection unit of the national intangible cultural heritage "Big Pagoda Tree Ancestor Worship Custom", and a key cultural relics protection unit in Shanxi Province. It is famous for the large-scale official immigration in the early Ming Dynasty, and is the only sacred place for people to worship with the theme of "Root Hunting" and "Ancestor Worship" in the country. It is known as the "Holy Land for the Roots and Ancestors of Chinese Hometowns". Currently, there are more than 60 scenic and cultural attractions in the scenic area, which are composed of four theme blocks: "Immigration Historic Site Area", "Ancestor Worship Activity Area", "Folk Custom Tourist Area", and "Fenhe Ecological Area". In the second phase, a "Comprehensive Service Supporting Area" and a "Cultural Heritage and Health Experience Area" will be constructed.

"Ask me where my ancestors were, the Great Pagoda Tree in Hongdong, Shanxi. What was the ancestral residence called? The Old Stork's Nest under the Great Pagoda Tree." According to literature records, in the past 50 years, from the 3rd year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty to the 15th year of Yongle in Shanxi, 18 large-scale official immigration activities took place under the Great Pagoda Tree in Hongdong, Shanxi. Millions of people were moved from under the Great Pagoda Tree to 18 provinces and over 500 counties and cities such as Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, and Jiangsu. After 600 years of migration and reproduction, wherever there are Chinese in the world today, there are descendants of immigrants from Hongdong Big Pagoda Tree. Since 1991, the scenic spot has held a "Hongdong Big Pagoda Tree Cultural Festival" around the Qingming Festival every year, with the Qingming Festival as the main memorial day. Each cultural festival has gathered tens of thousands of immigrant descendants in the hometown of the Big Pagoda Tree to celebrate the ancestors of immigrants and share the same roots and family ties.