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Scenic introduction

Scenic introduction

Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden lies in the county seat of Hongtong, 1 kilometer away from Hongtong Railway Station and 3 kilometers away from the crossing of Datong-Yuncheng Expressway, thus easily accessible. 

Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden is the famous site of emigrants of Ming Dynasty, a key cultural relics protection site of Shanxi Province. It consists of historical emigrant area, ancestor worship area and folk customs area, with more than 60 sites of natural and cultural attractions, such as Root Carving Gate, Screen Wall of Character Gen(root), Ancestor Worship Hall, New Generation 1 Scholar Tree, Historical Site of 1G Scholar Tree, 2G, 3G Scholar Trees, Stone Dhvaja, etc. It is the only garden mainly deals with ancestor worshiping in China. Dahuaishu is deemed as the ancestry’s hometown and the root by hundreds of millions of people home and abroad.

In recent years, party and country's leaders Jiang Zemin, Qiao Shi, Li Changchun, Liu Yunshan and Liu Yandong and personages Jia Pingwa, Zhang Yufeng and Ji Lianhai have visited Dahuaishu to worship their ancestors. They have written many inscriptions here.

The Dahuaishu Ancestor Worship Rituals was included in the second group of national-level intangible cultural heritage list in June 2008. The Garden has successively won more than 80 honors, such as National AAAAA-level Scenic Area, National Excellent site in Archive Management, one of the Top 10 Cultural Brands of Shanxi, Leading Cultural Management site in Shanxi, AAA-level Standardized Management of Archives, and Famous Brand of Shanxi. Now, the Memorial Garden has been developed from a single scenic area into a comprehensive area with travel agencies, folk_style restaurants, hotels, stores and entertainment facilities.