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Folk Hotel

Folk Hotel

Dahuaishu Folk Hotel, attached to Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden Co., Ltd., is located on the opposite of the Garden with unique geographic advantage, pleasant environment, convenient and efficient transportation. The parking area at the east and west side of the hotel can accommodate one hundred buses. 

The hotel mainly provides catering and accommodation. Among them, the Food & Beverage Department has 18 archaic private rooms which can accommodate 230 people for dining, and two gorgeous banquet halls which can accommodate 600 people for party; and Housekeeping Department has 105 spacious and bright rooms with TV, telephone and Internet services, as well as the multi-functional hall which can accommodate 300 people for network and video conferencing. The interior decoration of the hotel is designed by famous designers with simple and elegant folk features.  

The hotel, which is also equipped with shopping mall, business center, conference rooms, tea bar, gym, recreation room, 24-hour free parking and other ancillary facilities, is a three-star tourism hotel with the integration of catering, accommodation, entertainment, leisure and vacation. 

A cup of tea and a song of undecorated zither after having our delicious food.It will bring you a very good feeling. This can be described as: "Descendants of immigrants throughout all corners of the world all care about the country, and various celebrities get together at the Folk Hotel.”