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Company Profile

Company Profile

Hongdong Big Pagoda Tree Rooting and Ancestral Worship Garden Co., Ltd. was established in October 2005, formerly known as the Management Institute of Big Pagoda Tree Rooting and Ancestral Worship Garden. In 2005, with the support and guidance of governments at all levels, it successfully restructured and established a company, carrying out comprehensive development, construction and management of the "Holy Land of Chinese Hometown Rooting and Ancestral Worship --- Hongdong Big Pagoda Tree Scenic Area". The company has a sound organizational structure of the Party, government, industry, and youth, with two rooms, eight departments, and one regiment, as well as four subsidiaries. It has formed a strategic layout with the comprehensive development of the scenic area as the core, folk hotel and travel agency operations as the two wings, and tourism commodity development and cultural media development as the extension. It is a diversified tourism service enterprise integrating food, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping, and entertainment.