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xing surname

Surname introduction
2017/12/23 16:49
Department of large pedestrians. The Ming Dynasty Hongdao Daihuai immigrants line ancestor for Pingyang House, Hongdong County, Zhaocheng County, such as people's family, Ming imperial purpose in Hongtong large acacia trees to relocate to different places, to the late Qing Dynasty its descendants distribution: Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Shaanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Shanxi and other places.
Xing name records first seen in the Han Dynasty "custom pass surnames chapter."
[Surname source] Their surname comes from the official name. According to "Annals of the Clan Slightly", "Customs Tongyi" records, the descendants of the Grand Peoples' office in the Zhou Dynasty used the great surname of the official office held by their ancestors, followed by a simple surname.
〔County Wang〕 county name surname primary Pingxiang County. Pingxiang County: ancient county name. Now in Tonghua County, Gansu Province, southwest.
[Celebrity] "Dictionary of Chinese names," included in 3 cases, "Dictionary of Chinese names of the past" included 18 cases. Surnames of the historic celebrities Han Zhao behavior; there Pingxing patrol, as a general; Song dignitaries.
[Population] According to the statistics of the Fourth Census, Shanxi Province has a surname surnamed 3990, Linfen City, 2145, Hongdong County 9.
〔For cabinet〕 ancestral gods dedicated line name in the large Ash tree ancestral hall for the cupboard.