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Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic area has three sharp tools to create a "civilized tourism +" high-quality service experience brand

Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic area has three sharp tools to create a "civilized tourism +" high-quality service experience brand

Scenic spot dynamics
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In November, 2021, the National Technical Committee for Tourism Standardization released the list of "the first batch of national civilized tourism demonstration units". In March this year, the application for 2022 national civilized tourism demonstration units has begun. The establishment of the "national civilized tourism demonstration unit" marks the further climb of the culture and tourism industry to high-quality development. With the continuous development of the whole industry; With the gradual improvement of tourists' civilization, the high-quality service experience and harmonious and comfortable tourism atmosphere of "civilized tourism +" have begun to be favored by tourists.
As the first batch of "national civilized tourism demonstration units", Hongdong great Sophora tree root seeking and ancestor worship park has always maintained the honor of "national civilized unit", started with standardization, A-level scenic spot, volunteer service and other work, created "civilized tourism +" through three sharp tools, and empowered the brand of the scenic spot with high-quality service experience.
The "standardized" scale customizes the tourism experience benchmark.
Last year, Hongdong great pagoda tree root seeking and ancestor worship Park was successfully rated as "AAAA level standardized good behavior enterprise". This is another important achievement since the scenic spot began to explore standardized management in 2006. Behind the recognition is the result of continuous pondering, research and improvement of the scenic spot over the years. For 153 posts in the scenic spot, Hongdong pagodatree has gradually formed a standard system with the characteristics of large pagodatree, covering 764 standard contents, in accordance with various national standard requirements and enterprise standard system. Its content involves tourism operation, service, management, construction and other aspects. In the process of practical application, the coverage rate of the standard has reached 100%, and the implementation rate of the standard has reached more than 95%. Through standardization, the scenic spot has been fully standardized from hardware to software, from personnel quality to service details. The standardized management of the great pagoda tree in Hongdong has fully customized a set of "civilized tourism" benchmarks that meet the characteristics of the scenic spot.
"Intangible cultural heritage" brush outlines the charm of tourism culture.
Hongdong great pagoda tree root seeking and ancestor worship Park, as a national intangible cultural heritage - the inheritance and protection unit of great pagoda tree ancestor worship custom, has always been exploring in carrying forward intangible cultural heritage culture and excavating and inheriting the essence of traditional culture. In order to vividly display the "traditional culture", the scenic spot has formed a unique cultural festival activities with the characteristics of the great pagoda tree by taking the local intangible cultural heritage as the core, the traditional festivals as the way, and the means of characteristic activities. Especially during the Qingming Festival, the "Cultural Festival" series activities in the scenic spot have become the characteristic activities renowned at home and abroad. At the same time, the scenic spot innovated on the basis of local intangible cultural heritage culture and launched a series of wonderful performances welcomed by tourists, such as traditional sacrifice, fancy gongs and drums, etc. The rich cultural display forms not only form the development mode of "civilized tourism + culture", but also describe the wonderful charm of traditional culture for tourists.
"Volunteer service" paints a new trend in tourism.
In Hongdong great pagoda tree root seeking and ancestor worship Park, volunteer service is closely related to civilized tourism. As a "learning from Lei Feng in Shanxi Province" volunteer service station, the scenic spot has set up volunteer service stations inside and outside the scenic spot in combination with its own reality. At the same time, it has set up 10 volunteer service points in each scenic spot to achieve full coverage of volunteer services through point-to-point network connection. Especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, the scenic spot combines volunteer service with epidemic prevention guidance and civilized tourism to paint a "volunteer red" for the scenic spot. On the premise of comprehensively guiding tourists to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the scenic spot regularly makes civilized tourism tips and reminders, creates a civilized atmosphere in the scenic spot, imperceptibly affects tourists' behavior, gives play to the new trend of "civilized tourism + volunteer" 1+1>2, and outlines the new trend of civilized tourism in the scenic spot.