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Jing surname information

Jing surname information

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2023/09/21 10:23

ing (j ǐ Ng) Last name

Inherited from the Mi and Jiang clans, the ancestors were Jing Cui, Jing Li, Jing Yang, Jing She, and Duke Jing of Qi, making it the contemporary leader of China

One hundred and eighty-one surnames. The ancestors of the Jing family, who immigrated to Hongdong Pagoda Tree in the Ming Dynasty, were people from Pingyang Prefecture, Hongdong County, Zhaocheng County, and other regions,

At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, it was ordered to relocate the large locust trees in Hongdong to other places. By the end of the Qing Dynasty, their descendants were distributed in Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Gansu, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, and other places.

The record of the Jing surname was first seen in the "Qian Fu Lun" of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

There are three main sources of surnames:

① Originating from the Mi surname. According to the "Compilation of Yuanhe Surnames", during the Spring and Autumn Period, the State of Chu made contributions to those who contributed to the country

The noble and virtuous royal family was given the title of "Jing". Because in ancient Chinese, 'jing' carries a meaning of respect and admiration. For this reason, Cui, Li, Yang, She and others who were once prime ministers are called Jingcui, Jingli, Jingyang, and Jingshe. The descendants of these people take Jing as their surname in order to remember the contributions of their ancestors, that is, the Jing surname. In the early Han Dynasty, after the Liu Dynasty ordered the migration of famous clans, the Jing family was forced to relocate to Guanzhong.

② Originating from the Jiang surname. According to "Guangyun", the descendants of Duke Jing of Qi took his posthumous title as their surname. Jing Chou and Jing Chun are both descendants of them.

③ Originating from the change of Geng surname. According to the "History of Ming", during the Ming Dynasty, there was Jingqing, a native of Zhenning, Shaanxi. During the Hongwu period, he was a jinshi and a senior official in the imperial history. Jingnan was killed by Emperor Chengzu of Ming. He originally took the Geng surname and changed his surname to Jing, which later became the Jing surname.

The county titles of the Jing surname mainly include Pingyang County, Jinyang County, and Fengyi County. Jinyang County: the capital city of Jin during the Spring and Autumn Period,

Later, it became the capital of Jinyang in the state of Zhao. During the Han Dynasty, Jinyang County was established as the seat of Taiyuan County. In present-day Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

The main hall numbers of the Jing surname include Sanshutang and Mingjiantang. San Shu Tang and Ming Jian Tang: In the Song Dynasty, Jingtai was the governor of Lizhou, and there was a Ming Jian (who understood any issue the most). Shang Shu told the court that Yuan Hao would definitely rebel. I have been on three trips,

The court ignored him, and Yuan Hao did indeed turn around. Yuan Hao led 100000 rebels and was completely wiped out by Jingtai, tiring officials and horses

Infantry Manager. In addition, he also reviewed the "Outline of Border Officials" and the "Outline of Pingcheng".

The Tang couplets of the Jing surname mainly include: the Han language left on the stele (Jing Huan); Accomplishing Yuntai (Jingdan). Light moving star text,

Eternal unparalleled festival (Jingqing); The stone remains of a county and a town, with a thousand years without two sharp words (Jinghuan).

Celebrities: The "Chinese Dictionary of Names" includes 22 cases of Jing family members, and the "Chinese Dictionary of Names" includes 36 cases.

During the Warring States period, there was a famous historical figure surnamed Jing in the state of Chu, known as Jing Cha, who was a master of poetry and prose; During the Chen Sheng Uprising in the late Qin Dynasty, Jing Ju, a descendant of the Duke of Chu, was appointed as the King of Chu; During the Han Dynasty, there was Jing Yi, a native of Shu County, who served as the imperial censor in Jianning; In the Song Dynasty, there were father and son Jing Tai, Jing Sizhong, and Jing Sili, all of whom were from Puzhou; During the Yuan Dynasty, there were Jing Suyang and Xiangling Taoists; In the Ming Dynasty, there were Jingfang, Dingtao people, and filial friends; During the Qing Dynasty, there were

Jing Xing Bao, Ren He Ren, Gong Shi.

According to the seventh population census, there are 67067 people surnamed Jing in Shanxi Province and 12995 people in Linfen City,

There are 3495 people in Hongdong County.

【 Offering Cabinet 】 The ancestral deity of Jing surname is enshrined in the second offering cabinet of the Ancestral Worship Hall in the Da Huai Tree Scenic Area of Hongdong.