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Hongdong big locust tree Double Ninth Festival warmth and warm heart

Hongdong big locust tree Double Ninth Festival warmth and warm heart

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Hongdong big locust tree Double Ninth Festival warmth and warm heart

On October 23, Hongdong Big Locust Tree Scenic spot carried out the "Our Festival · Double Ninth" activity, attracting many tourists to come to participate. This activity aims to promote traditional folk culture, advocate the traditional virtues of respecting, respecting and caring for the elderly, so that tourists can deeply appreciate the fun and cultural connotation of traditional festivals.

"Birthday peaches to meet the Double Ninth Day" is the highlight of this activity, the scenic spot prepared 99 birthday peaches, by the county chief, the staff in front of the root diao gate for the age of 60 or more tourists to send birthday peaches, send blessings. Zhao Guifu from Beijing said that when he returned to his hometown today to find his roots, he happened to catch up with the activities of the Double Ninth Festival. He not only received the birthday peach but also took a photo with the county chief, but also watched the wonderful opera programs on the stage of the Ming Dynasty and felt the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture. In the "Letters from home to the elders" activity, tourists have written down their thoughts and wishes to the elders with paper and pen. In accordance with the traditional cultural etiquette of the scenic spot, the activity of "Green Tea Filial piety for parents" offers tea to the elders of the peers, so that more young people can appreciate the profound connotation of the filial piety culture.

Hongdong Big Pagoda Tree Scenic spot has always been to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture as its own responsibility, and every year the Spring Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival and other activities will be held, through its rich and colorful content and unique traditional elements to attract the attention and participation of many tourists, so that more people understand, love and spread traditional culture.