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Shanxi hongtong big pagoda tree travel guides

Shanxi hongtong big pagoda tree travel guides

2017/12/22 19:25
I heard a long time ago, a large population migration occurred under the large locust tree in Hongtong, Shanxi Province. As long as your petite toe is two, it is the descendants of the major migration
I heard a long time ago, a large population migration occurred under the large locust tree in Hongtong, Shanxi Province. As long as your petite toe is two, it is the descendants of the major migration. A look, the original is my little toenails ah, is my home is Shanxi. Because of this I think I went to Hongtu, Shanxi Huai tree to see.
Introduction to Shanxi Dahuai tree (extract donkey tour guide): Hongtong large locust tree, also known as the ancient locust tree, located two kilometers northwest of Hongdong County, Jia Village west of the large locust tree park, locust tree is the Ming Dynasty The ruins of the people. Historical records, the Yuan Dynasty turmoil, Central Plains, Jiangnan and other places sparsely populated.
Meanwhile, Shanxi, under the rule of Mongolian landlady Chahan Mujeron and son in the same period, was relatively stable and weather-friendly. After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, in order to develop production and restore population and national strength, the Ming government repeatedly moved the people of Shanxi in Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu from Hongwu to Yongle. The most concentrated areas of the year were Hongdong county.
The destination decision is good, the guide chose the donkey, rough hair my journey friends.
Buy a ticket into Hongdong large locust tree and found that there are many, many people, I heard that are looking for ancestors. First of all, I saw the gate of the root carving, which is the main gate of the Xuan root ancestral garden. It is the shape of the Huaigen root. Its span is 20 meters and 13 meters high. The ancient vicissitudes of its shape and sturdiness are magnificent. Ash tree descent with the same root, same ancestor, concentric. Symbol of large Ash tree children's homes, taking the righteous cause, take root in China, for the country's prosperity, prosperity and tireless hard work and struggle. Interpretation of the common roots of descendants of immigrants, a common home, is the soul of the children of Ash locust tree.
Film wall is the scenic iconic landscape, the big root of the "root" by the original arts and Crafts Institute of our country, the famous painter Zhangding Lao wrote. Bold vigorous, steady and dignified, implied pictographic, meaning profound. Full of passion of the homeland, leisurely homesick meaning. Tao made the condensation in the hometown wandering mind that the complexity of hometown feeling.
See this move migrant murals, it is based on historical records of Ming dynasty emigrants and folklore drawn by Mr. Lu Paul Tong. Reflect the tragic situation of emigrants at that time. According to the historical records of large-scale early Ming immigrants have eighteen times, the entire process of immigration Hongwu Yongle has nearly 50 years. Immigrants outside the Guangji Temple outside the large tree registration application, to obtain the relocation of the passport and after the move to the state capitals.
Wow, this tree was appraised by archaeologists and was about to grow in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, about 1000 years ago, far before the immigration in the early Ming Dynasty. Sophora root height of 6.2 meters, of which 4.2 meters exposed. Huai root plate branches, the strange image, can make a rich association, is a rare large-scale ancient Huai root.
Locust tree locust tree according to the ancient record of the establishment of Ash tree, to reproduce that year locust tree style. It is recorded at that time Dahuai tree body "seven 庹 zero one daughter-in-law," that is, to seven men and a woman hand can be together, the male one 庹 five feet, four women one 庹 four feet, so this tree New plastic Dahuai tree body nearly 40 feet, 13 feet in diameter.
The sacrificial offering place is the place for placing offerings and the main activity place of the priest staff. It is located on the central axis of the ancestral activity area with a building area of ​​1250 square meters, five miankuo, five deep, single Double-eaves, corridors around the four sides, is imitation Ming Dynasty all-wood structure building, cross the roof and imitation of the Ming stage as one of its height, span is the first of San Jin, its gorgeous spectacular rare across the country.
"Ritual Square" is located in front of "one hall and two pavilions". It is 99 meters wide from east to west and 93 meters long from north to south with a construction area of ​​9207 square meters and a total investment of more than RMB1.5 million. The use of concrete pad-based, paved quartzite, solemn and solemn, can accommodate 10,000 people Festival, known as the million square, where visitors can experience the solemn palace, but also to experience the magnificence of the square.
The ancestral hall is designed and constructed by Shanxi Institute of Ancient Building Protection, whose architectural style is imitation Ming Dynasty architecture and is the core of the entire ancestral garden. Ancestral hall to sit north south, breadth 112 meters, 55 meters deep, with a total area of ​​6,160 square meters. The front of the hall is an open-air bronze incense burner. There are 1230 immigrant ancestor surname tablets in the hall, which not only reflects the traditional culture, but also highlights the theme of "ancestor worship". It is the largest ancestral temple in the nation named Bai Zong and the first one in the world.
Time flies, I have played a good Shanxi Hongtong big tree, and I think there are so many people here, perhaps because it really gives a sense of belonging, as if feeling at home. If the legend of two small petals for Shanxi, I think I should be too. No matter yes or no, at this moment, I also want to be a home child. Thank you donkey tour guide, did not let me get lost, help me find the way home.
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