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"May Day" activities in Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden scenic area started at the same time and ended perfectly

"May Day" activities in Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden scenic area started at the same time and ended perfectly

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The happy "May Day" holiday has ended, and the May Day cloud tour activity of "coming to Shanxi must go home in Hongtong Dahuaishu" launched by Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden scenic spot has also ended perfectly. This activity was carried out online and offline at the same time, and was loved by both offline tourists and online audiences.

On May 2, Ms. Lin from Yaodu District of Linfen came to the scenic spot with her relatives and friends. "In April, I often watched the live broadcast of Dahuaishu on Tiktok. Now, taking advantage of the improvement of the epidemic situation, I have a chance to feel the baptism of nature and the edification of culture." From 2:30 to 5:30 every afternoon, a large number of online viewers swarmed into the "Hongdong Dahuaishu roots and ancestors" Tiktok and Kwai live broadcasting room. Following the pace of the little sister of the commentator, they learned about the immigration history of the Dahuaishu, unveiled the mystery of their family name, and took a tour on their fingertips. During the "May Day" period, under the premise of comprehensively building epidemic prevention and control and safe tourism barriers, the staff of the great pagoda tree scenic spot received their relatives back home in an orderly and safe manner; Through a small screen online, we warmly welcomed the descendants of immigrants from all over the world and presented a "cloud tourism" experience with different scenery. The two "lines" went hand in hand and cooperated perfectly to jointly dance the new era style of the great pagoda tree scenic spot.

Although the "May Day" activity in the scenic spot has ended, the "China Tourism Day" activity is in full swing. The "China Tourism Day" activity, themed with "understanding Chinese culture and enjoying a beautiful journey", will last for one month (may 1-31). Visitors are invited to have an in-depth experience of various wonderful benefits, performances and online live broadcasts. Stroll around the garden to enjoy flowers, explore the footprints of immigrants, taste cultural and creative ice cream, watch folk performances, feel Chinese culture, enjoy a beautiful journey, and embrace "poetry and distance". This may under the Dahuaishu will bring you a different tourism experience.