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Seizing the Prophet of National Day Activities in Hongdong Dahuashu Scenic Area

Seizing the Prophet of National Day Activities in Hongdong Dahuashu Scenic Area

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Seizing the Prophet of National Day Activities in Hongdong Dahuashu Scenic Area

On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, the Hongdong Great Pagoda Tree Scenic Area will hold a National Day event from September 29th to October 6th, with the theme of "Kyushu Celebrating Ancient Pagoda Together". There are thirteen highlight projects, including "Lotus Immortal Light Dance", "Street Performance", "Cloud Ancestor Worship", "Perfect Blessing", "Customs Clearance Certificate", "Immigration Road", and "Special Snacks". At that time, tourists and friends will enjoy a unique cultural feast.

Light up the Mid Autumn Festival celebration and reunion. The activity of "Chang'e Presenting" will be officially launched on the Mid-Autumn Festival. With the help of the fairy tale of "Chang'e Flying to the Moon", the activity will be held at the Ancestor Worship Square in the scenic spot to send warm heart mooncakes to tourists returning home and start a journey of different tastes. Celebrate the whole country and send blessings. The "Glory of the Country" and "Singing of the Motherland" activities specially set up in the scenic area showcase the prosperous scene of modern China and the happy life of the people. On October 1st, songs praising the motherland such as "Me and My Motherland" and "I Love You China" will be played in the scenic area, allowing tourists to listen to national anthems and wish the great mother a happy birthday together. At the same time, they can also feel the atmosphere of national prosperity and appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.

Win surprises in fun games. Multiple interactive activities such as "National Day Celebration", "Imperial Examination Storm", and "Ancient Sophora Tree Secret Box" can immerse oneself in the social activities of ancient literati circle, and also interact with ancient celebrities Shi Kuang and Xu Huang in Hongdong to learn wisdom and strength.

The entire National Day event lasts for a week, and tourists can fully enjoy this unique cultural feast. The Hongdong Dahuashu Scenic Area will bring an unforgettable National Day experience to tourists with its strong cultural heritage and unique tourism resources. Please pay attention to the National Day activity of "Kyushu Tongqing Ancient Pagoda Walking Together" in the Hongdong Dahuashu Scenic Area, and appreciate the charm of history and culture with family and friends, leaving precious memories.