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Wonderful activities in Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic area add icing on the cake to the "China Tourism Day"

Wonderful activities in Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic area add icing on the cake to the "China Tourism Day"

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May 19 coincided with the 12th "China Tourism Day". The multiple wonderful activities of "understanding Chinese culture and enjoying a beautiful journey" held in Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic spot are being carried out in a hot manner, and the theme activity of "China Tourism Day" with the main venue in Pingyao ancient city is icing on the cake.

For visitors, today is a good day to visit Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic spot for free. Lipingping, a local tourist, was very happy: "today, I came to the great pagoda tree to play. I didn't spend money on tickets. I also got the card of our surname Li for free, and the silk flowers and Fuxiang used for ancestor worship and blessing. It was very beautiful. The performance of the great pagoda tree immigration is very famous. I saw it again just now and was very moved." Zhang Sen, who was on a self driving tour in Yaodu District of Linfen, communicated with the staff. My daughter-in-law had been watching the live broadcast of "China Tourism Day" at the main venue of Pingyao on the way. She didn't move until she arrived at the scenic spot. After watching the live broadcast, she got off the bus. She said that she wanted me to take a look back, and let me feel the great rivers and mountains of China and the charm of Shanxi history.

For the staff of the scenic spot, today is an important day to personally promote civilized tourism. At the tourism consulting office outside the gate of the root carving in the scenic spot, the staff smiled and served the tourists warmly. They not only distributed the propaganda color pages themed "China Tourism Day" to promote civilized tourism, but also answered the questions of the descendants of immigrants about seeking roots and ancestors. Shiximin, deputy director of the office, said: "civilized tourism is an internal requirement for practicing the core socialist values and an effective way to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The scenic spot often carries out civilized tourism publicity that is popular with tourists, appealing and grounded, so that civilized tourism can be seen, heard, felt and practiced."

For the volunteers in the scenic spot, today is a warm day to show high-quality service and love. As a "learning from Lei Feng volunteer service station in Shanxi Province", Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic spot has become a normal work to carry out volunteer service activities. There are "volunteer red" everywhere in the scenic spot. To remind the elderly tourists to pay attention to the safety of their feet, to help the disabled or visitors with inconvenient legs and feet to wheelchair and guide them to special channels, and to remind tourists to do a good job in personal epidemic prevention are the most important and the most important work for the members of the Sophora tree volunteer service team.

In order to better display the multi-dimensional tourism image, the great pagoda tree scenic spot has carried out a number of characteristic online publicity activities such as "1000 number linkage resonance between you and me", "tour guide live broadcasting charming hometown" and "showing my identity tourism has me" on Tiktok and Kwai in the early stage. Today's "China Tourism Day" activity not only received the attention and support of Linfen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and Hongdong County Culture and Tourism Bureau, but also interacted with the "go home to see Linfen · live broadcast and tour" Tiktok activity.

The beauty of the pagoda tree lies in the historical imprint of immigrants, the homesickness of Chinese people, and the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage. Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic spot will continue to be beautiful. With the development goal of "tourism for the people" and "tourism benefiting the people", it will not only add icing on the cake to the "China Tourism Day", but also add vitality to China's cultural tourism industry.