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Meet under the tree of Sophora japonica for Zong Qing and carry on the traditional culture during the Dragon Boat Festival

Meet under the tree of Sophora japonica for Zong Qing and carry on the traditional culture during the Dragon Boat Festival

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Durian flowers spit fragrance on the day, while AI Zong is fragrant. From June 3 to 5, the theme activity of "Zongqing Dragon Boat Festival and gathering ancient pagoda trees" -- "our festival · Dragon Boat Festival" is being carried out in Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic area.

Multicolored rope, also known as multicolored silk, multicolored silk, etc., is the mascot and ornament of the Dragon Boat Festival, with the beautiful implication of praying for good luck and good luck. The great pagoda tree scenic spot has specially prepared two activities, namely "weaving colorful ropes to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival on the May 5th" and "even holding hands to think about the old family". Visitors can weave colorful ropes by themselves to bring home good luck and blessings for free. The fan family and his wife, who participated in the activity with great interest, were engaged in a speed competition to weave colorful ropes for their daughter. Those who lost the competition today did all the housework. Mr. Liu Xi, a tourist, received the multicolored rope distributed by the staff in the activity of "even holding hands to think about the old family" for free. He said happily: "the multicolored rope is a good thing. Go home and wear it for my son."

Inspired by the custom of eating zongzi, wearing sachets and hanging mugwort leaves on the Dragon Boat Festival, the activity "wearing mugwort and sweet smelling into thousands of homes on the Dragon Boat Festival" skillfully integrates the three elements of zongzi, sachets and mugwort leaves, and gives free sachets with the shape of zongzi and full of mugwort leaves to the top 155 visitors who enter the ancestral hall on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. The sachets can be carried around, with the effect of insect prevention and sterilization. Ms. Dou, a lucky tourist from Yaodu District of Linfen, was excited to thank the staff after she received the mugwort leaf zongzi sachet and colorful rope that infiltrated her hometown.

Traditional festivals are the inheritance and promotion of traditional customs. In order to make the descendants of immigrants unable to come to the scene feel the strong atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival in the hometown of the great pagoda tree, the scenic area arranges staff to carry out the live broadcast activity of "talking about the love of the family and country with the Dragon Boat Festival" on the account of "finding the roots and ancestors of the great pagoda tree in Tiktok and Kwai" at 9 a.m. every day during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Through online communication, the Chinese traditional culture can go further, deeper and More solid. In addition, netizens actively commented and privately wrote the wechat video Number "Hongdong great pagoda tree scenic spot marketing number" to win gifts; On site tourists buy special price and preferential products such as Qinzhou huangxiaomi, a local specialty of Shanxi Province, and Wan'an pickles, an intangible cultural heritage product of Hongdong; The scenic spot also specially arranged intangible cultural heritage programs such as "five tigers climbing the mountain" and "traditional sacrifice" during the holidays. There were an endless stream of tourists watching on-site and online.